The Drop Point of Contention

Shiny new shoes litter the hallway, book bags are strewn over dinning room chairs and the counter top is cluttered with notes, crinkled math homework and maybe even a random gym shoe. Yep– the kids are back-to-school!

This time every year mother’s near and far vow to make an organized effort to contain those book bags and papers making mornings and evenings stress free. However, hurried schedules and tired kids and parents alike can reap havoc on good-intentioned organizational efforts.

Our recommendation: Custom built-in bench with nooks and cabinets. Most new homes feature this type of drop point or mudroom, essential for busy families on the go. But if your home doesn’t already feature this organization feature, they are easy to incorporate into an existing hallway, closet or garage. Done well, an organization “nook” can even be incorporated into a kitchen, dining room or living room.


This custom drop point was built in a new home in the hallway near the garage entrance. The nook allowed the homeowner to include this organizational feature without trading the space they desired for a powder room and the large pantry (also with built-in shelving for excellent organization.)

Creating an organized entry space is possible even in older homes and in the smallest of spaces. These situations can call for creative solutions from skilled carpentry professionals.

An investment of built-in cabinets and nooks, a bench and coat hangers can go along way to making a small or large entry space an organized mother’s dream.

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