Additions & Remodels

Basement BarAre you looking to add on to your home, update a kitchen or bathroom or finish your basement?

Home additions and remodels are a great way to add or improve space in your home for comfort and convenience. Remodels and additions can also increase the appeal and value of your home.  

Whether you are adding livable square footage, improving an existing space or finishing a basement, RCI Builders has the know-how, experience and tools necessary to take your project from start to finish and exceed your expectations. 

We have years of experience with additions and remodels in newer and older homes alike. This experience, in addition to years of working with quality, local subcontractors, makes RCI Builders a knowledgable and trustworthy contractor for your home project.

What to expect when working with RCI Builders on your home remodel or addition:

Planning Process:
We will work with you on a custom design that will maximize your home’s space and your budget. This includes consultations in your home, creation of custom floor plans, transparent bids and clear timelines. Our planning consultations also give you time to get to know our style, diligence and the overall character of our team.

Demo and Construction:
After the final plans are confirmed, permits are pulled and materials are secured, we will begin demolition. We will work with you on a demolition schedule that is convenient for you and your family and we’ll also dispose of or recycle all construction debris. Then we build!

Wrapping up:
Once major construction is complete, it’s punch list time. This is where we create a list of final touches that need to take place for the project to be complete. We pride ourselves on quality, detailed work so this area is one of our specialties.

Enjoying your space:
This is all you!







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